White man’s burden . . .

Before I get started I would like to kick off with a disclaimer!

For anyone who thinks they can use my words to promote a racist or sexist agenda, think again.

Thankfully we have moved on considerably as a society, backward language and attitudes, are in general, less common. There is though an unfortunate down side to this change for the better. It’s the demonisation of the working class in general and the white working class male in particular.

As race and gender become taboos, not to be mocked or slighted, the lazy so-called media on this island have set their sights on the white man. So too have the so called left, which has Infact been squatted by middle class social missionaries since asfar back as the late 70’s. . .

Since the decimation of tradional white working class industry, followed by large scale unemployment, then mopped up by Tony Blairs land of low pay, subsidised by tax credits, we have found ourselves in a state of crisis. An absolute crisis of identity, our sense of self undermined , our dialects mocked, our dress sense scrutinised. We are slated as being chavs, neds, beyond redemption.

While cuing up to knock us down, the very same people are waiting on the sidelines, hoping to capitalise on our anger, our disenfranchisement, 50 shades of fascists, from UKIP to the clowns of BRITAIN FIRST, the people who hate the proud history of the Brittish working class, a history, like it or not forged, thanks to the mass participation of White working class men!

The labour and trade union movement, the welfare state and the National Health Service where all, without a doubt envisioned, forged, and built to a large extent  by  white working class men. This continuous bombardment of our communities has taken its toll. We CORRECT our own children for the way they speak. . . We play the game of beating ourselves down, in an attempt to have less judgement weighed upon us by our so called BETTERS. . .

This is not an appeal for sympathy, nor a rallying call for the white man to rise up. . . No, this is instead a wake call to all of society. While one of the largest and once most powerful group in society continues to be marginalised and maligned, then the mission of all progressives, inclusion, fairness and equality for all, will crumble and recede.

The entire working class have been under attack for far too long now, Black, White and Asian alike. Anyone claiming to believe in social cohesion would be either blind or stupid to continue sidelining one of the biggest groups in society. White working class men can again play a major role in regenerating class, culture and community . Re-establishing our common bonds across the false devide of race and gender.

As a yoga teacher I focus my efforts in working class communities, especially my own, communities that are not exclusively white, communities which rise to and thrive within new found diversities. The transformative nature of yoga, I believe, should can and will be used to heal the social, cultural and emotional void many of us now find ourselves in, in this stressed out modern world we inhabit. Fatigue, depression, obesity, heart disease, the list goes on. The scientifically proven benefits of practicing yoga, come at us month after month with new research being carried out daily.

Yoga is everywhere, go see your doctor, with a bad back or anxiety, they will suggest yoga. Women in general form stronger, closer relationships which helps them cope better with lifes trials and tribulations. 2019 and us men, all men, regardless of race are still bottling up our fears, insecurities and perfectly natural concerns. Yoga can be a fantastic tool for us, to not only reconnect with ourselves but also to other men and out into broader society. Let’s face it happier, healthier and more balanced men make happier, healthier and more balanced partners, fathers brothers and sons.

yoga has the potential to revolutionise self care as well as the potential to revolutionise social cohesion by means of raising personal self worth which I believe ultimately transforms us into more open and caring individuals and hopefully can transpire throughout communities, countries and societies. Too many men in my peer group are caught in the revolving door of addiction and prison and, or, living with debilitating health conditions physical and emotional. The biggest contributing factor in this equation is social class, this is not merely opinion but fact backed up by statistics.

Our destiny is in our own hands. . . White, Black Asian, Male or Female, the proccess of transforming society starts with transforming ourselves.

I am personally on a mission to do just this and urge and encourage others to join me.


4 thoughts on “White man’s burden . . .

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