Location, Times, Prices


Class Venues


Penilee Community Centre,      10 Gleddoch road,    Penilee.      G52 4BD

Pollok Community Centre,         134 Langton road,      Pollok.     G53 5DP

Phoenix Community Centre, Easterhouse, 5 Shandwick street, G34 9DP

Class Times


Day AM PM Venue
Wednesday 7-8 Penilee
Thursday  7-8 pollok
Saturday 9-10 Penilee

Class Prices

Drop In £5
Multi Pass * £20 for 5 classes  

  * Passes valid for 8 weeks from date of purchase.  PENILEE & POLLOK 




Tuesdays @ 5.50-6.50pm before the boxing club. 

£4 pay at front desk. 














2 thoughts on “Location, Times, Prices

  1. Hi therE,

    I am INTERESTED in attending the saturday morning yoga class in penilee next saturday and i just wondered if this was still on? iF IT IS DO YOU HAVE TO BOOK OR CAN YOU JUST TURN UP AND PAY at the door?


    • Hi Gillian, this is the first I’ve been on website in awhile, usually use Facebook etc, I have no idea how long ago you sent this message as there doesn’t seem to be a date! I hope it isn’t ages ago?? If so please accept my apologies. Please do come along to the Saturday class. Just show up, I have all the equipment, my number is 07905581309. For the purpose of texting enquiries.

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