ONE FOR SORROW. . . Confessions of a broken yogi.

Lockdown I’ve been writing this story in my head for a couple of years now. Its almost 5 years to the day I started teaching yoga. So, it’s probably quite appropriate to stop teaching on this anniversary. No, not for ever, but for long enough to figure out what I’m doing and till I feel I have something worth sharing again. Corona virus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Novel Corona virus! A dis-ease with more alias’ than Carlos the Jackal has the whole world upside down. Lockdown has pitched yoga teachers a massive curve ball. All yoga studios and freelance community teachers are now “online” delivering classes via zoom or some other video conferencing type platform. I opted for Facebook live as I figured that it was the simplest medium for my regular students and myself to use. It has its benefits as well as its limitations. Me being the proverbial monkey with a typewriter is not the biggest issue though,  the fact is that I just don’t enjoy it! If you’ve attended my class you will know that I’m a people person, I like to engage and have a laugh too. so, talking to a screen, hoping that my Wi-Fi connection is holding up, that people can hear me, hoping that the human element of sharing yoga can translate in this format? Nah, not for me, Pass. This very strange situation that we find ourselves in here in the 20/20 lockdown has given me the perfect opportunity to address […]