Location, Times, Prices

Class Venues Penilee Community Centre, 10 Gleddoch Road, Penilee. G52 4BD Pollok Community Centre, 134 Langton Road, Pollok. G53 5DP Phoenix Community Centre, Easterhouse, 5 Shandwick Street, G34 9DP. Magpie Yoga Class Times Day AM PM Venue   Wednesday   7-8 Penilee   Thursday    7-8 Pollok   Saturday 9-10   Penilee             Magpie Yoga Class Price Drop In £6 Multi Pass* £20 for 4 classes   Passes valid for 8 weeks from date of purchase.  PENILEE & POLLOK  —————————————————————- The following classes are taught by MAGPIE YOGA for YoGlasgow!  YoGlasgow! is a not for profit COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY.  EASTERHOUSE PHOENIX COMMUNITY CENTRE. Friday@ 6-7pm for Yoglasgow@yahoo.com  £5 pay at front desk.  BARMULLOCH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY at Quarrywood Road, Barmulloch. Thursday 11-12noon. Yoglasgow@yahoo.com £5 Pay at front desk .

All Work No Play…..

Work life balance, can we get it right? Or are we asking the wrong questions? Maybe instead of thinking about what to do after work, what to do at the weekend, what to do when we retire. . . we could be stealing a wee slice of life during the day? If I’m not standing on my head in the middle of a building site, I’m trying to have a laugh and hopefully give a few others a laugh too, even if it is at my expense. It’s far too easy to assume the worst or take a negative outlook. Misery loves company. Standing waiting for the lift to come and moaning about how slow it is? Race your mate up the stairs! Get yourself off the job at the breaks, not just physically but mentally. It‘s your life, don’t sell yourself out, steal as much of your life back as you can. . . . Go get some!

Yoga For Men

I set up my very first class in April 2015 as a men only class. I’ve seen the change in men’s attitudes over the last ten to fifteen years. From “NO CHANCE!” to “AYE, IVE HEARD ITS GOOD FOR YOU!”  Funny thing is that yoga was actually created for men in ancient India and dance was for women. As yoga moved west it was taken up mostly by middle class women. With everyone from Andy Murray to professional football and rugby players now regularly practicing yoga, it is firmly back on the agenda for men. Women tend to find many outlets in life. Whether it’s through organised classes or events or tapping into their friends. We men often find it harder to take care of our emotional and physical well being. Let’s face it everybody at some point gets tired, stressed and fatigued. A men only class allows guys the ability to practice without the awkwardness of being the only man in the class, which I’m quite well aware of myself. In fact, at magpie yoga we have so successfully integrated men into regular mixed classes, that the need for men only classes has actually fallen away. Having said that if any new starts feel more comfortable with men only starter classes I do put on 4 week blocks when demand requires. Men only starter block classes can open the door for men to join regular mixed classes which previously may have been unthinkable.  . . . Have a go guys. […]