Lost in space

I’m a pretty bad yogi! I don’t believe in karma! yes that’s right, I don’t do karma, destiny, or eternal life! I don’t know what happens when we die, apart from the factual side of death, our bodies are disposed of in some manner and the living have to get on with it the best we can. As for reincarnation, come on! If there is a god surely that’s her taking the piss, right? I don’t particularly feel the need to say I’m an athiest, i just don’t really sweat it too much! My main objection to the idea of life’s path being pre destined or the notion that we will inevitably pay in one way or another for our “misdeeds”, assuming we’ve been a “bad guy” or that we will come back as a chicken because we had just one chicken nugget too many. . . Hello! Grow up people, It all just reeks of religious mumbo jumbo! Whoa hold the horses I hear you say, surely this is part and parcel of the yogic lifestyle and philosophy ? , As a yoga teacher I think I deliver a pretty good class and I’m sure that I cover ALL the bases and my students seem to enjoy what I teach. Without mentioning the Bhagavad Gita or the Yoga Sutras or quoting the Dalai Lama or Ghandi, l lace my classes with the philosophy of yoga. Maybe the ancient wisdom of yoga is so universal and feeds through basic moral […]