All Work No Play…..

Work life balance, can we get it right?


Or are we asking the wrong questions?

Maybe instead of thinking about what to do after work, what to do at the weekend, what to do when we retire. . . we could be stealing a wee slice of life during the day?

If I’m not standing on my head in the middle of a building site, I’m trying to have a laugh and hopefully give a few others a laugh too, even if it is at my expense.

It’s far too easy to assume the worst or take a negative outlook. Misery loves company.
Standing waiting for the lift to come and moaning about how slow it is?

Race your mate up the stairs! Get yourself off the job at the breaks, not just physically but mentally.

It‘s your life, don’t sell yourself out, steal as much of your life back as you can. . . . Go get some!

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